Kennedy Tract

Edge of a beaver dam at the Kennedy tract. (credit: Dalila Seckar)

This 100 acre tract of wetland, island, forest and streams is the generous gift of the Kennedy family. Located near County Rd. 25 and Dingman Rd., this biologically valuable donation of land has been assessed as a provincially significant wetland. The ecological significance of the property is extensive and includes nesting area for waterbirds and habitat for bullfrogs, snapping turtles and fur bearers. Rare and unusual wildlife sightings have been reported on the property and we preparing to undertake a systematic inventory of these sightings.

This ecologically diverse property is not easily accessible and we prefer that visitors see this property only on guided walks.

After receiving funding designated for this property, we are undertaking biological studies of this property. Please see this additional link for some of the findings.