Wilkinson Property Pipeline Repair

About a year ago, the LPLT was approached by Trans Northern Pipeline (TNPL) who needed to do a repair on a small section of their petroleum pipeline located on their right of way (ROW) passing through the Wilkinson property. The LPLT actually owns the ROW land and therefore TNPL seeks our approval before doing any work.
Once again, we approached a lawyer and Doug McRae who donated their time to negotiate a financial compensation agreement with TNPL. We have done this successfully on two previous “digs”. The monies received are used to fund the biological studies being performed now on all our properties.
To access the repair location and cause the least amount of disturbance to the ground cover, TNPL constructed a wood mat access road approximately 250m long from Pogue Rd to the dig location in the marshy wetland.

Wood mats from Pogue Rd to site of excavation.

At the dig site a larger wood mat area was created surrounded by silt fencing (to control runoff) to be used as a work platform and to temporarily store excavated material.

Excavation site with hoarding.

The actual steel pipe is buried about 2m and once exposed, the repair is quickly made. Constant monitoring of the pipe’s condition allows these preventative repairs to be made before a potential leak occurs.

Inside the TNPI excavation.

With the repair completed, the excavation was back-filled with the same material, the site cleaned up and the wood mats removed, all in a 2 week period. Very little of the native ground cover has been disturbed and within a few months and spring growth, it would be difficult to identify where the work occurred.
We will monitor the site for any sign of invasive species. All the construction equipment which entered the property was cleaned and new wood mats were used to eliminate the chance of invasives taking root.

Lone Pine Land Trust

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