Trail Camera Tips

Here are a few tips for anyone wanting to try out trail cameras:
– a clear field of vision in front of the camera without grass, twigs, or leaves is best (otherwise the blowing wind will result in empty frames that will deplete your batteries);
– a feature with a high likelihood of activity can reveal many different species (demonstrated in this article);
– set the camera around knee-height to capture smaller creatures like birds and squirrels;
– choose a location where animal signs have already been observed and position the camera to photograph them;
– position the camera near attractive food sources;
– a wide shot with high pixel density can be cropped and will allow the animal to be in the frame for longer (therein increasing the probability of capturing it in the frame);
– if there is a risk of theft, place the camera in a hidden spot.
trail camera bear of coyote at DeKleer Tract

Lone Pine Land Trust

Lone Pine Land Trust is a non-profit charity based in Northumberland County.