Twelve Nights at the Beaver Dam – Trail Camera Fun

In early October, I set up a motion activated trail camera facing the beaver dam at the Lone Pine Marsh. There is a muddy area at the side of the dam where I had seen many types of tracks on my monitoring visits to the marsh. It appeared that animals had been feeding there, as well as using the beaver dam as a route across the marsh. After 12 days, I went back and picked up the data card from the camera, and put a fresh one in.
trail camera photo of coyote at Braham Tract
There is nothing more fun than loading up the photos from a trail camera to see what action has ensued. It feels like looking into a secret world. The great thing about trail cameras is that they record wildlife without disturbing the animal’s natural behaviour patterns. Trail cameras can also record in the middle of the night when we are not willing or able to sit out with a camera.
trail camera photo of deer at Braham Tract
During the first 12 days the camera was out at the beaver dam and it recorded 8 species of mammals: Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, Beaver, Eastern Coyote, White-tailed Deer, Red Squirrel, Eastern Chipmunk, Grey Squirrel, and Raccoon. They were definitely using the dam as a bridge across to the other side of the marsh, as I saw many of these animals heading back and forth. Beavers, raccoons, and coyotes were recorded only at night. Raccoons were photographed on every night but one and were looking for food as well as transiting the dam.
trail camera photo of rabbit at Braham Tract
In the daytime, the camera recorded images of multiple Canada geese, starlings, and robins feeding in the mud and on the plants around the dam.
trail camera photo of racoon at Braham Tract
Trail cameras are a great tool to help us record the diversity of life in our Lone Pine Land Trust Properties. Trail cameras were also an enormously helpful tool in the biological studies run by Shrew Solutions this summer, and showed us even more fascinating creatures that inhabit the Lone Pine Land Trust properties.

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