Spring at the Braham Tract

In early Spring at the Braham Tract (Lone Pine Marsh) there is a sense of anticipation in the air. Dozens of Canada Geese return and stake their territories, despite the ice under foot.
Canada Geese in marsh at Braham Tract
Red winged backbirds and grackles also return, filling the air with their raspy calls. Male Red Winged Blackbirds return a good month before the females, to stake out their territories.
Beavers work at the edges of the ice.
observation tower at Braham Tract
There will be a huge change in the marsh from the beginning to the end of April. More and more bird song will fill the air each day, especially after warm fronts move in from the south. Once the ice is off the marsh and stream, waterfowl return such as Pied Billed Grebe and Wood Duck.
PiedBilledGrebe in Braham Tract
Spring peepers fill the air with their mating calls as long as the temperature is above 4 degrees C.
April is the month when the marsh seemingly comes back alive after a long cold winter.

Lone Pine Land Trust

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