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CANCELLED: Spring Flowers and Bird Migration at Munn • Sat May 16, 8am

Each year numbers of songbirds filter through the forested properties of the Lone Pine Land Trust. They are in full breeding plumage on their way back home from their winter travels to warmer climates. They are greeted by a splendid display of colour as marsh marigolds, trilliums, toothworts and violets show their delicate blooms for a few brief weeks. Our longest bird lists occur in mid-May, so you won’t be disappointed.

Hike and Annual General Meeting at the Lone Pine Marsh-Braham Tract • Sat Jun 13, 10am

We start our AGM with a field trip around the meadow. The pollinator meadow at the Braham Tract is alive with colour this time of year. Learn about the flowers, how to identify them, their usefulness and a few interesting facts. Bring your binoculars to observe pollinators in action and to fully enjoy the viewing platform that overlooks the marsh. After our field trip we will gather for lunch and the AGM (bring your own). We hope to see as many members and friends as possible. This is also a great chance to talk with the Board, Land Stewards and key volunteers to find out how you can get more involved.

Picnic at Cold Creek • Sat Aug 29, 11am

In the waning days of summer, the birds are beginning to leave their breeding grounds. The asters and goldenrods fill the fields with gold and purple. Insects trill and buzz and the large caterpillars of moths and butterflies are looking for a place to pupate for the winter. We are planning a leisurely hike to the shore of Cold Creek where we can sit and chat over lunch and enjoy the sounds of the water rushing by. Bring your own picnic lunch and something to sit on if you wish. Poison ivy is lush at this time of year so long pants are required.

Fall Colours at Wilkinson • Sat Oct 3, 9am

Join us on our last field trip of the season. The sugar maples at the Wilkinson Tract will be in full colour. Fungi are fruiting this time of year, a diversity of seeds and berries cling to the branches, beavers are busy, and the deer are in rut. This hike will take you along the trails through moist woodlands where ephemeral ponds have dried up until the next snow melt. We will then visit the marsh which offers a great vantage for viewing the fall colours on the other side. Bring rubber boots.

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