Bats and Night Things Walk

written by Doug McRae
Chris Ketola, and avid naturalist and educator with our friends at the Willow Beach Field Naturalists, led a very well attended bat walk at the Lone Pine Marsh on the evening of September 16th. After some introductory remarks about bats, their life history, and the severe conservation issues they presently face Chris produced an amazing piece of technology called an Echo Meter Touch.
This small gadget plugs into an iPhone and can then detect the ultra high frequency sounds made by bats flying overhead in the darkness! This device records the frequency, pattern, and amplitude of bats sounds then reproduces them in visual and audible representation within our hearing range allowing for species level identification. Sure enough as darkness fell the bat sounds began and based on the characteristics of the calls heard that night we found both Hoary and Big Brown Bat hunting for insects over the Bobolink fields. In a previous visit to the site Chris also found Silver-haired Bat. In fact Chris visited several of our properties this past summer and gathered some initial data on bats living on the lands we protect – something we know very little about.

Lone Pine Land Trust

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