A New View of the Marsh

written by Gary Bugg
Visitors to the Lone Pine Marsh can now take advantage of the new viewing platform which was completed in early June 2017. Made possible through Trillium Foundation funding, the construction began with hired installation of four concrete base columns in 2016. The wooden structure was started in May 2017 and features a 10’ by 10’ Trex covered viewing platform which is raised more than six feet above marsh shoreline. At this height it is possible to view all parts of the marsh.
Construction was carried out by volunteers Tim Whitehouse, Rob Kennedy, James Munn, Doug McRae, Jim Moore and Gary Bugg. Special thanks go to Bill Wilson for his design advice and to Marg Fleming for co-ordinating the base installation. Thanks also to Paul Steels and Helmut Enns for the use of their generators.

Lone Pine Land Trust

Lone Pine Land Trust is a non-profit charity based in Northumberland County.