Work Party at Braham tract – Apr 23, 2016

Members pose after a morning working at the Braham tract (Apr 2016).

A small group of dedicated volunteers went to Murial’s Marsh on April 23rd. We cleared leaning branches on the trail to the viewing platform to allow equipment to access the platform (as we are replacing it this year). We also chemically controlled more invasive buckthorn along the edge of the pond. Another group of volunteers worked on the trail through the woods, clearing off branches and raking the leaves so that the trail will be easier to find.

The weather was cool in the morning but the bright sun warmed us as we worked we enjoyed our visit to the property. Many animals were seen at the marsh while we worked including Canada geese, tree swallows (that were using the bird boxes), an american toad, and a snapping turtle. The early spring flower bloodroot was also noticed growing near the edge of the meadow. We were also impressed with the beaver dam that has been built on the stream and is raising the water level of the marsh. It will cause some of the cattails to die and create more openings in the marsh for waterfowl.
It is a great time of year to visit the marsh – we recommend a visit!

Dalila Seckar

I live locally and enjoy daily views of Cold Creek from my windows. I have a B.Sc. in Environmental Biology (McGill) and M.Sc. in Zooplankton and Limnology (University of Manitoba). I am passionate about the local area and its environment and organisms and joined the Lone Pine Land Trust Board in 2015.