Summer Bird Count – Jun 6, 2015

Margaret Bain reports:
Morning was cold and very windy at Lone Pine this year, though it did warm up by late afternoon, which is when we found a Pied-billed Grebe and heard the Least Bittern calling for several minutes, though we only caught a quick glimpse of it at the edge of the cattails. Apart from the usual hordes of Red-winged Blackbirds and grackles, the marsh was very quiet – we could not find a single rail, nor any coots or gallinules, and only a few Marsh Wrens were singing. A beautiful Great Egret flew in just as we had decided we wouldn’t see one that day. Swallows were active around the nest boxes so there must have been plenty of insects in spite of the chilly weather. But we were very disappointed not to see any Bobolinks or meadowlarks even though the grassland looked lush and healthy. No bluebirds this year, and we missed the Hooded Warbler in the woods just north of Lone Pine, where there was very little birdsong in the windswept trees. The best bird of our visit was probably the unexpected American Woodcock which startled us, suddenly flushing from under our feet as we first approached the marsh.
The cold north winds undoubtedly kept many birds under cover this year so we’ll hope for sunnier, warmer weather for the next Summer Count!

List of birds:

Canada Goose 2 adults with 4 half-grown young
Wood Duck 5 adults, 4 young
Mallard only 3 in the marsh
Pied-billed Grebe calling loudly from marsh
Least Bittern very vocal at edge of cattails – seen only briefly
Great Blue Heron one flying over the marsh
Great Egret one flying in from the south
Green Heron one flyover
Turkey Vulture 3 in flight
Red-tailed Hawk soaring overhead
American Woodcock flushed from edge of marsh
Ring-billed Gull flock foraging in ploughed field and small numbers flying over
Mourning Dove several on hydro wires
Northern Flicker 1
Eastern Wood-Pewee 1 singing in woods at north edge of marsh
Alder Flycatcher 2 singing from edge of marsh
Great Crested Flycatcher 1 calling loudly at north end of marsh
Eastern Kingbird 3 in open areas
Warbling Vireo one singing in trees along road
Red-eyed Vireo several singing in trees along road and around marsh
Blue Jay 2 or 3
American Crow several in fields and flying over
Tree Swallow 8-10 near and entering nestboxes
Barn Swallow one pair
Black-capped Chickadee several in treed areas
House Wren 2 singing along road
Marsh Wren a few singing out in the marsh
Veery 1 calling from woods at the north end
American Robin fairly numerous
Gray Catbird 2 mewing in roadside vegetation
Brown Thrasher one singing from treetop
European Starling small flocks here and there
Ovenbird one singing in the distance
Mourning Warbler one singing in hedgerow
Common Yellowthroat at least 3 singing at marsh edge
American Redstart one heard
Yellow Warbler 2 or 3 in meadow and marsh edges
Chestnut-sided Warbler one male seen
Chipping Sparrow several on roadside verges
Savannah Sparrow 2 at edge of field
Song Sparrow several in small trees and bushes
Swamp Sparrow numerous on south side of marsh
Northern Cardinal one male at roadside
Rose-breasted Grosbeak 2 or 3 singing from taller trees
Indigo Bunting fewer than usual
Red-winged Blackbird numerous in cattails
Common Grackle lots everywhere
Brown-headed Cowbird only a few this year
Baltimore Oriole 2 singing in roadside gardens
American Goldfinch several flying over

Lone Pine Land Trust

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